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Northgate FAQ

1. What property is currently being requested to be annexed to Sunbury? There are two annexation petitions currently submitted to the Village of Sunbury. The first annexation petition includes the properties of Walker and Dye. These properties start on Domigan Rd. and go west to South Galena Rd. It consists of approximately 130 acres. The specific use of the property is to be determined and will have to go through the zoning process with the Zoning board and ultimately Village Council.
The second annexation petition that has been received, concerns the Price property, which is currently accessed from Golf Course Road. The Price property is generally to the south and west of General Rosecrans Elementary School and the Big Walnut Middle School.

*See annexation maps on Village website.

2. Why does a property owner request to be annexed? There are many reasons a property owner would request to be part of the Village of Sunbury. Generally it has been shared with the Village that current property Owners and or Agents are requesting annexation because of the services provided by the Village of Sunbury. Those services could include Sewer, Zoning, Planning, Police, and the ability support larger and more complex development.

3. Why would the Village of Sunbury consider approving annexation? Annexation, in general, is an important part of the Village's ability to grow. Several years ago Village Council made an investment in a new sewer plant with the anticipation of supporting continued growth. The total investment in the Sewer plant will be close to $12M. The Village of Sunbury has continued to work with the Delaware County to make sure that we work closely to minimize duplication of effort.
The Village of Sunbury is part of a community that is experiencing continued growth. While Village leaders want to protect and preserve the town that we all love, we have to embrace the growth and changes that our coming to our area. We must work to plan and coordinate the growth to best support the Village of Sunbury goals.

4. Who pays for the infrastructure in an annexed area? The Village of Sunbury will enter into an annexation agreement that will ensure the property owner / developer will pay to extend the services on their property. This is a standard that the Village of Sunbury has maintained with each of the developments that have occurred in Sunbury.

5. How can Sunbury preserve the Sunbury character and charm we have today? Sunbury has unique features that are unmatched anywhere. Village leaders are working through a master planning process. As part of this process the Village of Sunbury is attempting to integrate the changes that are occurring at 36/71 into the overall plan. At the same time we are working on the preservation of the Town Square and the older part of Sunbury. Village leaders understand the importance and focus needed to preserve and revitalize the downtown area.

6. Is the current annexation part of the outlet mall being discussed in Berkshire Township? No. The outlet mall was approved by Berkshire Township. Township leaders have indicated that construction of the outlet mall will begin in the fall of 2014.

7. Are there two outlet malls planned? The Village of Sunbury is unaware of a second outlet mall being planned.

8. What about the traffic? The Village of Sunbury is very concerned about the overall thoroughfare planning for the area. Sunbury has expressed concerns to the Ohio Department of Transportation, Delaware County and Berkshire Township with regards to the planning and development of future roads. There are a few key points that Sunbury has continued to express.

a. A comprehensive roadway network which addresses all traffic needs and provides for implementation to coincide with development.
b. Access to 71 for Village of Sunbury residents is crucial. The interchange is barely functioning at an acceptable level today. We want to see improvements to keep pace with development.
c. The ability of the Village of Sunbury to systematically and logically continue to expand borders must be maintained for future sustainability.
d. Interchange modification. A new interchange which meets state, county and local design criteria is a must to improve the functioning of the current I71-US36/SR37 interchange.
e. A future additional east-west connector between the freeway area and the Village of Sunbury must be incorporated to alleviate congestion upon US 36/SR37.
f. The Village of Sunbury does not want to see any additional curb cuts on US36/SR37. It is important to maintain easy access to and from I71. This is vital for our residents and business in Sunbury.

9. Will Annexation raise existing Sunbury residents' taxes? No. Infrastructure improvements will be paid for by the property owner/developer, as stated in the annexation agreement. Additional service such as Police will be funded by the new income tax collected by the Village from those who either work or live on the newly annexed property.

10. How will this annexation affect the Big Walnut Schools? The Village of Sunbury includes the Big Walnut School system in all parts of our development. The Village of Sunbury also understands that an excellent school system is an important part of a successful community. Sunbury continues to look for innovative ways to bring the School System and the Village together in successful partnerships. Currently the Village of Sunbury has a New Community Authority (NCA) in the Sunbury Meadows development. This NCA pays and additional 4 mils of property tax on every new home for 20 years directly to the Big Walnut School system. Sunbury will always continue to partner with Big Walnut Schools and include them in all aspects of our planning.