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Adaptive Home - Help for Veterans

Adaptive Homes

Adaptive Homes, CDC sets a new standard for building affordable transitional housing, designed specifically for disabled military veterans. At Adaptive Homes, CDC we believe that independent living provides disabled or elderly Veterans and their families the opportunity to live their lives with a full measure of human dignity and transition them back into civilian life.

We sponsor builds for TotalCare Homes which provides an affordable independent living environments that is a realistic alternative to assisted living, group health care settings or institutional living.

By employing adaptive design features and taking full advantage of current technology, our transitional housing enables the disabled veteran and family to live in his/her own home or to transition from military medical facilities and return to independent living in community/neighborhood settings. This helps bring the dignity back to those who fought so hard to protect yours

Whether it is a ranch style home in a rural area or a split-level house in an urban neighborhood, we offer 100 different housing models specifically adapted to foster independent living and self-reliance.

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