The Planning & Zoning Division is responsible for current and long-range land use planning in Sunbury. Current Planning reviews plans for compliance with Sunbury’s requirements as part of the Development Process.


Payments for permits can be made online. Please use 1234A in the Permit Number field.

Engineering & Consulting Services

Sunbury partners with CT Consultants to provide engineering and consulting services to assist in our growth and major projects in our municipality. 

Zoning Certificates and Building Permits

Sunbury will be transitioning on October 1, 2022 to be a sub-department of the Delaware County Department of Building Safety.  Before applying for a building permit, many projects will need to receive a Zoning Certificate from Sunbury.  Guidance on if a project needs a Zoning Certificate and what projects can be submitted directly to Delaware County Department of Building Safety is detailed in the Zoning and Building Permits Guidance file below.


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