Why is my sewer bill higher than normal?

If you have a higher sewer bill than normal, it could be you that you used more water consumption for the billing cycle. If you did not use any more water than normal, then you may have a leak somewhere. 

Leaks can cause dripping of hundreds of gallons of water down your drain.  Not only does a leak waste water, it causes you a higher water bill each month, which in turns reflects a higher sewer bill as well.  If you have a leak, get it repaired as soon as possible.

Common Culprits of Leaks

Check for leaks. The most common culprit is the toilet.

  • Hot water heater:
    • Temperature and pressure valve
    • Drain valve
    • Water pooling underneath
  • Humidifier (may have a small float with an overflow)
  • Kitchen or bathroom faucet dripping
  • Kitchen sprayer dripping
  • Outside hose that has been left on
  • Outside hose bibs dripping at handle
  • Plumbing pipes leaking under sinks
  • Showerhead or tub spout dripping
  • Signs of moisture or mold on your walls, ceilings or floors (could indicate that a water pipe is wreaking havoc behind the scenes)
  • Toilet leaking
    • Dye test - Remove the toilet tank lid. Place a few drops of food coloring or a Kool Aid packet in the tank water. Let it sit for 10 minutes. If color comes into the bowl, your toilet is leaking. Make sure you flush afterwards to avoid staining.
    • Continuous overflow leak - Remove the tank lid. Check to see if the water is not running over the vertical overflow tube. If it is, you have an overflow leak in the toilet.
  • Underground leak
  • Water softener (may have a recycle timer that is malfunctioning)
  • Water supply lines leaking at appliances:
    • Dishwasher
    • Refrigerator with ice maker
    • Washing machine

Note: The above items listed are just some common plumbing items we suggest to check for water leaks. Sunbury is not responsible for your plumbing beyond the valve at the street, nor are we at any way obligated to investigate leaks in your plumbing or to offer any advice on how to fix them. Sunbury is not responsible for any damages or expenses due to your plumbing leaks.

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