How can I pay my sewer bill?
  • You may sign up for Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit. The ACH Debit Authorization Form (PDF) must be filled out and returned to the Utility Billing Department with a voided check or savings deposit slip attached.
  • You may pay in person at the Utility Billing Department with a check, cash, or credit card.
    • Note:  If making a cash payment, change cannot be given at the Utility Billing Department.  Any additional payment amount will be applied towards the next month’s sewer bill.  
  • You may drop your payment into the after hour drop box, which is attached to the handrail, located outside the front door of the building at 9 East Granville Street. We will get your payment the following business day.
  • You may mail your payment to:
    Sunbury Utilities Department
    P.O. Box 508
    Sunbury OH 43074
  • You may pay your sewer bill through your bank, using BillPay. Please make sure the correct account number, from the sewer bill you are paying, is on the payment.
  • You may pay online using Official Payments. Please be advised that there is a nominal fee that Official Payments collects for their processing fee.

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