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City Forms

  1. Citizen Recognition Program

    Each quarter the City of Sunbury (“City”) will recognize a resident, volunteer, student, or group of individuals for their service,... More…

  2. House Check Request Form

    The Sunbury Police Department offers a vacation check / house watch program for residents who will be gone for any extended period of... More…

  3. Job Application
  4. Rental Application for Sunbury Town Hall
  5. Rezoning Application-for submitting online
  6. Sewer Account Termination
  1. Commercial Sign Permit Application
  2. Job Application
  3. Minor Subdivision (Lot Split) Application
  4. Residential Zoning Certificate Application

    This application is to be used for residential projects that need a Zoning Certificate before submission to the Delaware County... More…

  5. Sewer Account Registration

    Please complete application, print and bring to Sunbury Police Department located at 9 East Granville St., Sunbury, OH 43074. At that... More…